Registration is now open for the 2014 SEEA / EENC conference.  CLICK HERE to go to the registration page.  EENC is excited and proud to be hosting the 3rd Annual Southeastern EE Alliance (SEEA) Conference.  In addition to the networking and connecting with environmental educators here in North Carolina, come meet EE folks from across the southeast.



Dear EENC community,

My name is Brad Daniel and I am serving as the 2014 EENC President.  I wanted to write to update you on some of our current initiatives and to personally invite you to attend the 2014 Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEA) conference September 19-21 at Caraway Camp and Conference Center just outside of Asheboro, NC. EENC is hosting the conference for the first time this year.

2014 EENC Action Plan Update

We have set an ambitious agenda this year as we seek to take EENC to the next level. A few of our key initiatives include:

Board Retreat. In February, we held a board retreat for the purpose of board development and planning. We developed a 2014 action plan that included items from our strategic plan that was approved last year. A major component of this plan was planning the 3rd Annual Southeastern Environmental Education conference Sept. 19-21 at Caraway Camp and conference center just outside of Asheboro.


Summit of NC Environmental Organizations. In order to develop a stronger collaborative relationship between various likeminded organizations in NC, on March 28th, I, as President of EENC and on its behalf, facilitated a summit at the Nature Research Center in Raleigh. Representatives from EENC, the North Carolina Children and Nature Network (NCCAN), Kids at Play, the National Association for Interpretation (NAI), The NC state office of EE, the NC Association for Environmental Education Centers (NCAEEC), and the NC Conservation Network participated in a day-long session designed to promote communication among the organizations and increase understanding of the various niches that each organization fills. The group discussed ways to collaborate. 


SEEA Conference hosted by EENC. We have planned and will host the3rd Annual Southeast Environmental Education conference Sept. 19-21 at Caraway Camp and conference center just outside of Asheboro.  It will be an exciting and professional conference. A few highlights:


Great keynote speakers – David Sobel and Louise Chawla.

Our first EENC Research Symposium will look at recent research in EE and discuss ways to move forward. We seek to draw more college and university faculty and students.

Saturday workshops designed to help formal classroom teachers gain ideas.

Great workshops, roundtable discussions, field trips, and panel discussions.


Future Conference planning.  EENC desires to constantly improve as an organization. With this in mind we are now planning conferences two years out. The 2015 conference site has already been selected and we are brainstorming locations for the 2016 conference. 


Fundraising. In the recent fundraiser sponsored by NAAEE, EENC raised more money than all other NAAEE state affiliates including the national office. In all, we raised over $2200.00. We were second in total donors. Additional fundraising for various initiatives this year raised over $10,000.


Website Overhaul. The EENC website has been redesigned and is up. We are adding content on an ongoing basis.


Social Media Presence. We have greatly increased our presence on social media. We add content to our Facebook page regularly and our page likes are close to doubling this year.


Strategic Plan. Last year we approved a new strategic plan to guide our efforts over the next years.


I am proud of each and every member of the 2014 EENC Board and the hard work they have put into making these initiatives happen. It is an exciting time to be involved with EENC. We need your help. If you are interested in running for the board, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We will see you at the conference!



Brad Daniel, President


Environmental Educators of North Carolina

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