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Your EENC Needs You: The 2023 Campaign

It’s no accident that the first of our organizational values is “We’re Stronger Together.”

2023 brought us these values statements along with major growth, change, and victories that have laid the foundation for a phenomenal 2024. Now we must act together to ensure that EENC meets new challenges and change gracefully, continuing as a thriving leader for environmental education in North Carolina and across the nation.

This year we’ve received a generous matching grant to bolster this crucial fundraising drive! With an amazing $25,000 match promised, we must come together to reach our $25,000 goal, realizing the full match and boosting our funds and future by $50,000 before the end of the year. This organization is special because we are guided by educators, for educators. Now we need your support to ensure that our shared work can continue.

From resource development to professional learning opportunities, to community advocacy, EENC’s successes have direct impact across the environmental education (EE) field and beyond. 2023 highlights include:

The momentum for meaningful change keeps going! Your donation today has an immediate impact on what we’ll accomplish in 2024, like:

  • A new Strategic Plan to guide our next chapter

  • Values-driven transition to innovative shared leadership model among staff

  • Fresh leadership structure on the Board of Directors to maximize members’ talents and amplify committee impact

  • Major resources and professional development to support all educators incorporating EE in their transition to the new science standards

  • Applying data from Phase II of the SEEA Landscape Analysis to directly address EE gaps and needs identified by school teachers and administrators

  • And more!

Your direct involvement and our shared values pave the way. We’re Stronger Together. Nature Connection is Essential. Learning Lasts a Lifetime. Impact Drives Us.

We critically need your support today to drive our work into 2024. We’ve come far in 30 years, guided by your desire to be informed, teach with purpose, and ensure everyone is included. We got here because of your dreams, hard work, and investment. Now, the need is great, and we need you, our great community.

We’re stronger with you. Join us to drive the future together.


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