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Celebrating the Inaugural Let's Grow Together Campaign

The Let’s Grow Together campaign, EENC’s first collaborative crowdfunding effort, was a success! Between April 19th and May 19th, eight environmental education-focused organizations across the state collectively raised an incredible $8,645 to support their environmental education projects, programs, and advocacy work, exceeding the campaign’s original $8,000 goal.

We’re grateful for the partner organizations who joined EENC in this campaign: the Agape Center for Environmental Education, the Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina, Longleaf Learning Collective, Wilkes County Soil and Water Conservation District, Wonder Connection, Woodland Discovery, and Woods Charter School. 100% of net proceeds from this campaign will directly benefit the partner organizations and their environmental education efforts, and all partner organizations who exceeded their original individual fundraising goal will also receive one free annual Core Organizational EENC Membership, valued at $110, to celebrate their accomplishment.

EENC would like to sincerely thank all of the generous donors who made the this inaugural year of the Let’s Grow Together campaign successful, including Mary Ammons, Kathryn Antman, Kirsten Bair, Keith Bamberger, Sally Barnes, Dori Barron, Tanja Bauer, Carol Brown, Sarah Burkhardt, Alley Buscemi, Jen Cannon, Liz Chavez, Kara Cockrell, Henry Cole, Laura Collins, Ann Costello, Jane Cottingham, Sasha Depew, Michael Dickson, Kristine Dohrmann, Adam Dovenitz, Amy Dowden, Mark & Renee Dowell, Tracey Dranttel, Emma Elstub, Holly Erdmann, Maggie Farance, Kristina Fischer, Tamara Goodrich, Jessica Griffiths, Kristen Gulish, Tomma Hargraves, Jesse Hart, Mark Hartman, Nyra Hill, Kimberly Houston, Kyle Johnston, Tracy Jordan, Amelia Kobravi, Katherine Kopp, Katherine Kovach, Kathy & Pete Krupp, J.L., Dalene LaPointe, Ashley & Jon Lorusso, Mary Lyons, Gay Lytton, N.M., Barbara MacKesson, John-Mark Magee, Kurtis Martin, Rachel McInerney, Kristina Miles, Amanda Miller, Jason Morris, Kay Nelson, Alenka Noronha, W. Norris, Melva Fager Okun, Christopher Paul, Jessica Pickard, Abigail Quesinberry, Erica Rapport Gringle, Stacey Richardson, Tasha Rose, Mitchell Rosen, Scarlett Santos, Rina Sarkar, Allison Saviello, Tracy Scholl, Danette Scott, Nancy Shannon, Kelsey Shaw, Tracy Shultz, Sue-Anne Solem, Nancy Spencer, Lynn Stinson, Donna Stubbs, Tami Taylor, Kyra Thurow Bartow, Katie Tompkins, Jackie Trickel, Will Ulmer, Michelle Valdes, Cindy Walker, Allison Weakley, Penny Wiard, JoAnn Yates, and many anonymous donors.

Thank you for helping us grow environmental education in North Carolina!


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