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Why Our Campaign's Matching Grant Donor Supports EENC

EENC's Better Together Annual Giving Campaign is generously supported this year by an anonymous member of our community who has donated a dollar-for-dollar matching grant of up to $25,000. We couldn't be more grateful for their contribution – here's why they support EENC. 


"I believe in the mission of EENC. I believe that North Carolina's environmental educators are worthy of an equally professional organization that is dedicated to pushing the field of Environmental Education forward in NC and across the nation.

EENC has proven over the past 33 years that they will always be the advocate and liaison for environmental educators, strive to provide opportunities for professional development and networking opportunities, and support the field of environmental education toward becoming a sustainable career with equitable pay and hiring practices.

EENC has a track record of being able to pivot in 'unprecedented times' and continued to provide relevant programs for the state's educators despite challenging circumstances. The organization's first Executive Director, Lauren Pyle, worked tirelessly to catapult the organization from a small non-profit, mainly offering just the annual conference, to being one of the forefront states working with the North American Association of Environmental Education to develop nationwide standards for the field that other states could use to improve the field of EE in their regions. 

This year has been a challenging one, and I believe that my gift will help the organization continue to grow and be one of the leaders of environmental education not only for North Carolina and our region, but nationally! Hopefully, if you believe in the amazing environmental educators of NC like I do, you will join me in giving to help EENC continue into the next chapter of the organization's legacy."


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