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We've Heard You: Membership Survey Results

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about what you need as an environmental education professional in EENC's recent survey. We received a total of 148 responses from current members, previous members, and people outside our current network. We heard from folks across the state, at all levels of professional experience, and in many different settings. Thanks to the team at NC State University for designing this survey and analyzing all the data.

What did we learn, you might ask? First, that you all are pretty knowledgeable about what EENC can can offer you! We were pleasantly surprised to see how many people were familiar with our professional development events, conference, and push to professionalize the field of EE.

It was also exciting to see how many of you are here because you care about this work. The community benefits you reported were the pieces you knew the most about and were most important to you.

We also heard clear calls for better support of K-12 classroom educators and more communication about our work to address diversity, equity and inclusion within the field of EE. EENC is planning to refocus our programs and membership offerings to better serve you. Thanks for lending your voice to help guide our efforts!


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