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See what SEEA’s Landscape Analysis of Environmental Education Can Help You Do

What does environmental education (EE) look like on the ground? How do we work together to strengthen EE in the southeast? What would a stronger, more inclusive EE movement look like?

For the past two years, driven by the desire to learn the answers to these questions, the Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEA), of which EENC is a part, dove into a brand new undertaking: a landscape analysis of EE efforts in eight southeastern states.

Funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Pisces Foundation, the project included a comprehensive study of the environmental education already happening on the ground and was designed to help us—and many others—better understand the challenges and opportunities for environmental education in the southeast.

And now, through our new online dashboard and map, we'll show you the outcomes of the analysis and how you can use our new tools to build or strengthen your own EE programs and networks.

Through these resources, you can access the shareholder report, case studies, a searchable dashboard and maps, and more. Search, filter, and export datasets through an interactive dashboard. Discover new partners and programs in your area. Identify gaps and barriers to access. Build and strengthen your networks. Use it as a model for your own region. Cultivate collective impact. The possibilities are endless!

Explore the EE Landscape Analysis Hub and learn more about this project. If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Pyle.


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