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Official EENC Value Statement Published

One of EENC’s current priority areas of focus, as detailed in our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, is to build internal capacity. To that end, the Board and Staff teams have taken on many projects over the last three years that aim to support and strengthen capacity, including developing a multi-year staffing plan, revising Board position expectations and tasks, and creating updated systems for optimized internal communications and collaboration.

During their July meeting, the Board of Directors finalized another such capacity-building project relevant not just to EENC’s internal operations, but to our organizational identity, when they reviewed and voted to approve EENC’s official Value Statement.

Development of the Value Statement was led by Past-President Board Member Elise Tellez, alongside Values Task Force team members President Amy Juliana, President-Elect Kyra Thurow Bartow, and Partnerships Chair Nikki Jones, in a collaborative, iterative process that began late last year.

Now, after over six months of effort and input from all Board Members, EENC is proud to expand our organizational identity to include official values that represent our evergreen priorities and beliefs, and provide additional insight for members, and the general public, into EENC’s identity and ideology.

The Values Statement is now live on the About page of our website.


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