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New Resource Available: Template Event Invitation for Elected Officials

NC Representative helps facilitate the auction at EENC’s 2014 conference

Strong local networks and meaningful partnerships are important for the sustainability and success of environmental education organizations, and inviting leaders and elected officials to your organization’s signature events can be a great way to strengthen those networks and build connections.

EENC members interested in inviting elected officials to community events can now do so with the help of a new resource developed by EENC staff and our 2023 Board Policy Chair, Brian Wuertz. The EENC Template for Inviting Elected Officials and Key Individuals to Your Organization’s Event provides resources to help environmental educators identify and select which elected officials to invite to an event, and includes guidance on how to contact those officials, including a customizable invitation email template. Wuertz notes that inviting elected officials to key events is an “opportunity to build goodwill and introduce them to the amazing work you do in environmental education,” which can open new doors and help promote environmental education efforts in your community.

This resource is part of EENC’s ongoing efforts to advocate for environmental education in North Carolina, and to provide educators with materials and information that empower them to become their own best advocates and advance the field. Find the template here; EENC members can also log in to the Member Resources page to access the template anytime.


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