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EENC Signs Green 2.0 Pay Equity Pledge

Early this month, EENC became one of the first fifty organizations worldwide to sign on to the Green 2.0 Pay Equity Pledge, demonstrating an ambitious commitment to transparency and equity in pay, hiring, and staffing.

The Pay Equity Pledge is a campaign from the environmental diversity NGO Green 2.0 that aims to increase pay equity for women and people of color in environmentally-focused organizations. EENC is excited to be aligning ourselves with such existing pledgers as the National Parks Conservation Association, the Sierra Club, and the Nature Conservancy as a means to further and celebrate our ongoing efforts related to pay and hiring equity, which include developing a ten-year staffing and advancement plan, designing and implementing a model of shared leadership for the EENC team, and promoting equitable hiring across the environmental education section via policy recommendations and individual support.

By taking the pledge, EENC commits to continuing to analyze staffing and pay structure to promote shared leadership and equity, and to submitting annual accountability reports to Green 2.0 to share updates and progress.

“We've been working internally to evaluate our compensation structure, and externally, we're supporting the community of educators we serve through our work with SEEA's eeGuidance for Equitable Pay and Hiring”, notes EENC Executive Director Lauren Pyle. “Taking the pledge with Green 2.0 helps show our commitment to that work.”

The pledge:“Our organization is committed to conducting a pay equity analysis of staff compensation to look at differences in compensation in regard to race, ethnicity, and gender, to collect and analyze relevant data, and take corrective actions to remediate pay disparities.”


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