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EENC Receives $20,000 Grant from Triangle Community Foundation


For Immediate Release

EENC Receives $20,000 Grant from Triangle Community Foundation

Funding Will Go Toward Development of Climate Change Education Professional Development Offerings

Hendersonville, NC (June 23rd, 2023). EENC’s Staff and Board of Directors are pleased to announce that EENC has received $20,000 of unrestricted support from Triangle Community Foundation as part of its Sustainable Communities grant program. Funding from this grant will be used to expand EENC’s professional development offerings to include North Carolina-specific eeCredential programs grounded in the forthcoming NAAEE Climate Change Education Guidelines for Excellence, with the aim of centering climate resiliency work in environmental education and strengthening EENC’s reach and impact among nonformal and formal environmental educators statewide.

“The professional development opportunities, including both in-person and online offerings, developed as a result of this grant will provide educators with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver effective, high-quality environmental education that helps learners weigh various sides of environmental issues and develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills as well as provide professional recognition,” notes Lauren Pyle, EENC Executive Director.

EENC envisions a future in which individuals across all North Carolina communities are empowered by their knowledge, skills, convictions, and abilities to inspire a just and sustainable world. By providing key funds needed to advance EENC’s climate change education professional development efforts, the Triangle Community Foundation’s generous support works to bring that vision for the future to fruition.

“Climate change is an existential threat, and investing in organizations working to combat climate change is more important than ever,” said Sarah Guidi, Senior Program Officer for Arts and Sustainable Communities Initiatives. “EENC was selected this year because of its work providing education and communications around conservation and climate issues.”

About EENC |The Environmental Educators of North Carolina grew from the desire of environmental educators across North Carolina to meet and share their experiences, aspirations, and tools. Since its inception in 1990, EENC has grown into something much greater. Our organization represents a network of outstanding environmental educators, individuals, and organizations who work together to accomplish our core mission: to build connections, provide professional development, and promote excellence in environmental education. Learn more at

About Triangle Community Foundation | Founded in 1983, Triangle Community Foundation works to build a brighter future for everyone in the Triangle region of North Carolina. By working with dedicated donors and strong nonprofits, the Foundation is able to guide gifts in strategic ways to fill in gaps, reduce inequities, and solve the region’s most pressing challenges. Learn more at


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