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EENC 2022 Annual Report Reveals a Year of Collaboration, Growth, and Impact

EENC and 2022 Board President Elise Tellez are pleased to announce the release of our 2022 Annual Report, which documents the impact and ongoing efforts of EENC toward our mission to build connections, provide professional development, and promote excellence for North Carolina's community of environmental educators.

“This past year has been an exciting year for EENC,” notes Executive Director Lauren Pyle in her letter to the membership. Key projects highlighted in the Annual Report include NC K-12 Science Standard revision advocacy work, a landscape analysis of environmental education across the southeast in collaboration with the Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance, and the development of eeGuidance for Equitable Pay and Hiring in the environmental education sector.

That’s not all – 2022 also saw the development and release of a new professional development course on Universal Design for Learning in environmental education, and a corresponding presentation on universal design by EENC staff representatives at the North American Association of Environmental Education’s (NAAEE) annual conference in Tucson, Arizona in October. Board members also participated in NAAEE’s ee360 Leadership Clinic in May, where they worked alongside other Affiliates to discuss and dig into organizational structure and design for EENC. And in August, we brought members together for our own annual conference, held at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, for two days of speakers, networking, and professional development, including a keynote by Dr. Rasul Mowatt focused on the decolonization of environmental education practice.

It’s been a busy 2022, and EENC is excited to see what the new year holds. “In 2023, we will continue to champion environmental education, advocating for its integration at both policy and practice levels,” says 2022 Board President Elise Tellez in the Annual Report’s opening letter. We welcome you to stay in touch with EENC during 2023 by becoming a member, attending an event, and joining us at our annual conference.


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