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Celebrating Deborah Miller: Memories from Our Members

In late June, EENC lost a life member, amazing former president (1999), dynamo environmental educator, and winner of nearly everyEENC Award, Deborah Miller. From when she first joined our organization in 1995, Deborah had a tremendous impact on our board and membership. Last month, we asked you all to submit memories of your interactions with her. This month, we want to share those memories with you all in celebration of the decades of work that Deborah contributed for the advancement of environmental education.

Check out this wonderful summary of her contributions in this article by Sheila Jones, Past President (1999) and Lois Nixon, Past President (2007).

Memories from our members:

“What I remember most about Deborah is her energy and enthusiasm for environmental education and science. Sheila Jones called Deborah a “dynamo” and I can’t think of a better word to describe her. Whenever volunteers were requested for an EENC project, Deborah’s hand was always the first to go up. She was always smiling, always positive and had tons of good ideas. I’ve never met anyone else like her and I hate that she is gone from us so soon. Deborah will be sorely missed by all of us in EENC and the broader community.”

-- Marti Kane, Past President (1993 and 1994)

“Deborah once brought her Science Stars group to PEC for a field trip. We walked to the lake and collected several American and Fowler's Toads for the racing events later. It began to rain. Light at first but, then it began a more steady stream. Holding one of the toads, soaking wet, drips coming off her face, she smiled at me and said... this is great! Always an unbreakable spirit and a friend to the great and small.”

-- Tom Shepherd, Past President (2001 and 2011)

“Deborah was a bright spot in this world. Her heart for service inspired many.”

-- Laura Webb Smith, Past President (2006)

“One of my fun memories of Deborah was when we shared a room for one of the EENC Conferences. We had a lot of laughs, and I remember her telling me that it takes a certain personality to wear the flamboyant reading glasses that she wore. Deborah did so much for EENC and many other people/organizations. She will be greatly missed.”

-- Mir Youngquist-Thurow, Previous Board Member and Current Historian


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