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Board Member Spotlight, Dana Miller, Western Section Chair

My name is Dana Miller and I am the Education Coordinator for Haywood County Soil and Water Conservation District. Before taking this position 3 years ago, I taught middle and high school science in public schools. Being an environmental educator has brought so much meaning to my life. I came to this profession as a lover of science; I wanted to share that love with others. But I have stayed in this profession because of the immense fulfillment I experience working with students. After almost ten years of being an environmental educator, being a part of EENC was the first time I felt like I had found my "tribe", so to speak. Not only is our membership incredibly talented, they are also extremely passionate. The professional growth opportunities EENC offers is only one reason I love this organization. Another reason is the connections I build with other educators. There is a rich network of resources, including people, that strengthen the work of environmental education in our state- a network that many folks are not aware of. Making those connections and growing this field is why I love EENC!


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