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Board Member Spotlight: Christine Brown, President Elect

It's time once again for our board member spotlight! This month, we're pleased to introduce Christine Brown, your EENC president elect. Christine works at Asheville GreenWorks as an environmental educator. We're excited that she will be our president next year, so let's get to know her!

Christine would say it was almost fate that she became an environmental educator. She was a recent college graduate with a science degree and new in town. She decided to volunteer at a local environmental non-profit event. Little did she know, that volunteer opportunity would result in an internship and ultimately her job as an environmental educator at Asheville GreenWorks! Christine now teaches waste reduction and urban forestry environmental education in four counties.

She was introduced to EENC while working on her EE certification. The workshops were a great place to learn and network with other educators. Then she attended her first EENC conference, and everyone she had met throughout the year was all together in one place. She enjoyed the conference and decided to get more involved with the organization. EENC brings together a great community of educators from across the state that she would not have had the opportunity to get to know otherwise.

Christine believes that environmental education is a vital piece of the puzzle that can help solve many of the world’s complex challenges. It is a great way to teach a subject in a new and exciting way that promotes self-guided exploration. It allows children the opportunity to play outside and appreciate nature. This appreciation will develop into the knowledge and skills to accurately take care of the environment.

As President, Christine hopes to sustain the growing organization, expand the membership and organize a high-quality conference. She believes fundraising is more important than ever now that we have an Executive Director. Christine believes that Lauren is doing an excellent job already and she wants to work hard so the ED has the stability to steer EENC into the future. Another of Christine's goal is to increase membership by promoting EENC to potential members in diverse communities. She's joined the ee360 team and the Western subcommittee to help the section chair promote events. Finally, as President Elect, she is already hard at work organizing an outstanding conference in Charlotte in 2019.

As always, we'll end with a few fun facts about your President Elect:

  • She is a “stop and smell the roses” hiker. If you are are fast hiker, don't go with Christine because she makes frequent stops to take in the scenery and snap a photo of a flower, tree, or slime mold!

  • Christine is an excellent concert weaver and can always make it back to her spot.

  • She loves any body of water, especially the beach. This is another reason why she is excited about this year’s conference in Atlantic Beach!


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