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Board Approves New Guardian Organizational Membership Level

At their June meeting, the Board of Directors approved a new EENC membership level: Guardian Organizational Membership. Guardian Organizational membership provides up to 50 staff with individual Professional level benefits, and includes access to all of EENC’s organizational member benefits.

Guardian membership was developed in response to community requests for a membership level that could accommodate mid-size organizations who would like to cover more than the 25 employees included under the Leader level membership, but don’t have a large enough staff to fully take advantage of the Champion level membership’s 100 employee coverage. The Guardian level aims to fill that gap, and provide a cost-effective, meaningful membership option for organizations seeking to offer individual Professional level benefits to between 25 and 50 employees.

Board members anticipate that the Guardian level membership will allow a broader range of North Carolina schools, museums, and organizations to take advantage of EENC membership than ever before, and they’re excited to welcome new members to our Organizational Member Community.

Interested in becoming an EENC Organizational Member? All non-profits, institutions, and agencies whose aims and purpose are in keeping with the mission of EENC are eligible for membership. Find out more and apply at


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