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What Do YOU value as a member?

That's the one of the questions your EENC board and staff are trying to address this year. NC State Parks has designated 2019 the "year of the snake" - but EENC is taking on 2019 as the "year of the member."

Beginning in January, the board made a plan to re-evaluate our current member structure and benefits to ensure what we're providing meets the needs of current members as well as like-minded individuals and organizations who are not members yet. After all, we exist to support you - so we want to make sure we're on target!

We're working with researchers Dr. Kathryn Stevenson and Dr. K.C. Busch from NC State for a formal assessment of what people in our EE community actually value in a professional organization.

And we want to increase our active member community by engaging new partners, individuals, and organizations. We'll have more to come on this - but as the author Richard Louv said at the 2016 EENC conference, to make an impact, "We're gonna need a bigger boat." (Yes, it was a JAWS reference). There is strength in numbers, and environmental education needs all the support it can get.

Thanks to the Pisces Foundation who is funding a lot of this work and research via a grant to the Southeastern EE Alliance.


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