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Resources to Help You Plan for 2021: What Should I Do About...

It’s exciting to hear teachers and childcare providers will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine beginning February 24! However, we know it’s still probably going to be a while until field trips, summer camps, and in-person EE programming outside the classroom are running at pre-pandemic capacities.

Over the next year, EENC will be working to help collect, create, and distribute best-practices guides, resource lists, and professional development opportunities that respond to emerging needs in EE.

To help you develop your spring and summer 2021 plans, we wanted to share some resources created and posted publicly by other amazing organizations.

Virtual Learning

In fall 2020, our EE and COVID Advisory Council concluded that online programming is probably here to stay. As you build your virtual portfolio, here are some resources to help you design better learning experiences:

In-Person Programming

Whether you’re thinking about camp, field trips, individual registration programs, or public events, there are a lot of resources being shared on how to do in-person programming safely. Be sure to look beyond “programs like mine” because there are a lot of potentially transferable recommendations!

As many of us know, social distancing, mask wearing, and proper handwashing are all key in preventing coronavirus transmission. If you teach indoors or work inside a shared office, you should also be paying attention to air flow and ventilation.

Additional Resources

Looking for support on other topics? Check out these other resource collections.

You all have been doing amazing research as we all continue to navigate the evolving situations. Do you have another resource you’d like to share? You can post it in EENC’s Facebook Group or email it to Lauren Pyle.


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