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New Rethink Outside Messaging Resource: Elevating Connections to the Outdoors During COVID-19

As a Rethink Outside partner, EENC is part of a growing effort to unify and amplify a shared narrative around time spent in nature, reshaping how people think about and prioritize the outdoors and its benefits. Coordinated by Blue Sky Funders Forum, and launched in October 2019, this shared narrative aims to tell a unifying story and engage new partners to bring the promise of healthy communities to all.

In order to provide guidance and support to organizations seeking to elevate connections to the outdoors during COVID-19, Blue Sky has released a new Rethink Outside messaging brief. This messaging brief draws on best practices in frame-based messaging, recent studies of narrative change, and guidance from the NAACP on how to communicate effectively and respectfully during a time of crisis. It offers a roadmap for connecting the tested values and core message of the Rethink Outside shared narrative with the ever-changing public conversation. It is designed to serve as a bridge between the extraordinary focus at this moment on public health and public economies, and the conversations that must come next around how to build safer, healthier communities for all.

This messaging is designed for you to use in communications with stakeholders regarding how your organization is evolving during COVID-19. It is intended to be a tool for your existing communications efforts, if you have need and capacity. It is not a requirement and there is no expectation it be used if it is not helpful for your organization.

You can download the messaging brief here. Below are additional resources and opportunities to engage with Rethink Outside.

You can learn more at Please contact the Blue Sky team at with any questions.


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