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Growing Environmental Education in North Carolina: Invitation to Join Spring Fundraising Campaign!

This spring, EENC plans to coordinate a crowdfunding campaign to benefit environmental education programs across North Carolina. In short, we want to help you raise money for your environmental education center, classroom, or program! EENC plans to use Earth Day 2023 as an opportunity to raise support and increase awareness of the amazing environmental education being done in our state.

Requirements for Participating Partners

  • Participating partners must be nonprofit organizations, classroom teachers, or independent environmental education providers who are working in North Carolina

  • Funds raised must be designated for environmental education - whether that’s staff time to lead programs, materials, site improvements, student transportation, bringing in outside speakers, or anything else that promotes excellence in environmental education

What’s Expected

  • Apply to be a part of the campaign

  • If accepted, set up a fundraising page as part of EENC’s team using provided templates

  • Actively fundraise for your program from April 19-May 19, 2023 - just before Earth Day through Endangered Species Day

Support You’ll Get As a Participating Partner

  • Shared promotion through EENC’s communications

  • Graphics and template text for you to share through your social media and email

  • Calendars and resources to make your campaign a success

  • Coaching and reminders throughout the campaign

The Final Result: Participating partners will be awarded 100% of the net proceeds from their individual campaigns!


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