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Expanding Capacity: EENC Staff Team Growing in 2023!

If you’ve been a part of the environmental education community in NC for a while, you’ve probably noticed that EENC has been transforming in recent years.

After nearly 30 years as an exclusively volunteer-led organization, in January 2018 EENC hired its first paid staff, Executive Director Lauren Pyle, to grow our capacity to better support environmental educators like you. From 2018 to 2021, EENC launched our annual mini-grant program, recruited teams to advise EENC’s work to address equity and the impacts of COVID-19 on our field, and developed a variety of online courses, workshops, and toolkits. EENC went from hosting about 10 networking and professional development events per year to over 75 annual events during this time.

And that wasn’t enough! EENC was still hearing regular requests for more frequent and varied professional development options. In 2021, EENC added Program Coordinator Michelle Pearce to our team to meet this need. EENC now offers a robust set of programs, including multiple Criteria I workshops, deep-dive equity-focused workshops and courses, online community calls, and more - so you can get the training and support you need when and how you need it.

In 2023, we’re planning to grow again. EENC is currently hiring a Communications and Relationships Manager to keep our community informed and engaged in EENC’s work. This new staff will craft clear and consistent communications so you can stay in the know about how EENC is working to help you, what’s trending in our field, and how you can get involved in opportunities and events. They’ll provide you with a consistently high level of customer service if you have questions or need support. And this staff will help grow our network to increase EENC’s impact, reach, and representation across North Carolina.

This growth will help EENC advocate for increasing EE salaries, ensure that high-quality science instruction and environmental education are available to classrooms across the state, and advance policy, practice, and equity in environmental learning. EENC looks forward to better supporting our state’s community of environmental educators with this expanding capacity.

Update: Applications for this position closed in January 2023. We look forward to announcing our new team member later this spring.


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