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Stronger Together: Ways our EE Community Can Work Together During the Pandemic

Please Share What You’re Doing!

Are you offering virtual programming for students or educators? Doing regular live-streams? Adding new video content to your website? Make sure you’re posting it in our partner the NC Office of EE’s Resource Database with the “COVID-19 Educator Resources" tag.Tip: you can add it as a resource AND to their calendar in a single entry so you can post it in two places at once!

Looking for online professional development while at home? Thinking about creating content but don’t want to duplicate ages/topics? Looking for resources to share in your organization’s social media, newsletters, or other communications? Find the answers you are looking for in the database.

Spread The Word

We’re hearing that parents and teachers are overwhelmed by lists – and they are just taking advantage of online learning opportunities as they happen across them. If you’re using Facebook Events to promote your online learning, EENC and the NC Office of EE want to help you amplify your work so it shows up on more feeds.

Tag EENC (@EENCfriends) and the NC Office of EE (@NorthCarolinaEE) as co-hosts for your event! Once we accept your invitation to co-host, it’ll show up on our pages and to our followers. Facebook let’s you have multiple co-hosts for events, so you can also do the same thing with your partners to help spread the word locally. Posting on other platforms? Use the hashtags #NCEarthDay50, #NCBackyardNature, and #NCEnviroEducators.

Look For Opportunities

If you’re thinking of developing content (whether for your organization or to build your portfolio during a furlough), here are some suggestions we’ve been hearing:

  • Short inspirational, fun videos that show parents how to do easy at home activities with their kids. Model how to flip a log. Live in apartment complex? Take a video of yourself sharing how you can find nature anywhere. Better yet, if you have kids, show your kids doing it! We’re hearing parents don’t need fully organized activities – they just need something quick and easy that looks like fun.

  • Online workshops for EE certification credit. There’s especially a need for online Criteria II! Contact the NC Office of EE for more details, but you can offer this by providing an instructional webinar component with outdoor “homework” to do after.

  • Share your story! How did you become an environmental educator? What have you found outside recently that inspires you? What is happening "behind the scenes" while your workplace is closed? Celebrate other amazing environmental educators in your lives by giving them shout-out's like this.

  • City Nature Challenge, April 24-27. Recruit your community to participate!

We’ve also heard the need for continued communication between our community to help make physical distancing feel not so distant. As we add calls and online gatherings, we’ll post them on our events page here.


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