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Apply for CDE's NAAEE Environment 2042 Leadership Intensive Cohort

The Center for Diversity and the Environment (CDE) invite EENC members to apply for the upcoming NAAEE Environment 2042 Leadership Intensive Cohort (E42LI) funded through ee360.

The purpose of the 5-day Environment 2042 Leadership Intensive is, through transformative experiences, to create a cadre of change agents that will build a more equitable, diverse and inclusive environmental movement and just society. The goals of this program include:

• Developing leaders who are committed to effectively moving equity, diversity and inclusion forward in their sphere of influence. • Relationship and community building, especially across race and ethnicity. • Encouraging innovation through the exchange of ideas among people with diverse perspectives. • Learning about and raising awareness of equity, diversity and inclusion. • Strengthening the environmental movement by uplifting all voices. • Applying learning to action within the participants’ spheres of influence.

The E42LI exemplifies a diverse, inclusive culture, demonstrating how environmental organizations need to operate to be successful. The cohort includes representation across various dimensions of diversity with a strong emphasis on racial and ethnic diversity. The program includes a five-session virtual retreat from Nov 1- Nov 5, 2021. The facilitated retreat will include: racial equity training, understanding environmental and racial history, relationship and community building, skills to lead organizational change, and tools to develop action-based solutions.


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