Equity and Inclusion in Environmental Education


We have organized articles, research, videos, podcasts, books, people, and organizations from across the internet into five categories. Each category has its own page that is organized by resource type. You can navigate between category pages using the menu links located at the top and bottom of every page. 

eight middle school aged students running in a field. from left to right: girl in grey sweatshirt with hands in pocket, girl with blue scarf, girl with purple zip up sweatshirt, boy with camouflage sweatsuit, girl with pink sweatshirt, boy with navy pull over, boy with glasses and orange long sleeve shirt and girl with dark hair and grey long sleeve shirt.

This collection of resources is by no means complete! We hope you will help us maintain this as a living collection - sharing resources you think would be a good addition, letting us know if a link is broken, and providing feedback for how this might be more useful. In particular, we need your help to fill in some of the gaps in this collection, including:

  • Articles/tools for deeper learning about LGBTQ+ and gender
  • Inclusive EE lesson plans and teaching tools (ex: EE handouts or storybooks in Spanish, EE lessons that integrate Cherokee culture)
  • Other NC-based groups focusing on equity and inclusion

If you have a resource to share or have feedback to help improve the collection, please contact our executive director.

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